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244 South Bank Drive
Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 1M7

Graceful + Architectural + Whimsical + Functional. Fine porcelain and stoneware ceramics, designed and created by hand on Salt Spring Island



Clay called to me long before I began working with it. Ultimately, clay seduced me away from my first career, architectural design, but it was happy for me to bring inspiration along from that past career. I still sketch out my work in clay on the drafting board in my mind's eye, and I strive to create "mechanically organic" vessels that reflect strong ergonomic and functional design, just as I would in architectural design. Each pot I create is comfortable to hold in your hand and can be used everyday, while also being whimsical in posture with a one-of-a-kind personality.

The design and colour of my pots reference my personal aesthetic and heartfelt memories. I can still taste the icing scooped from colourful Pyrex stacking bowls while I baked with my grandmother's. I loved the Melmac mugs my sister and I sipped hot chocolate from while camping. By bringing the visual memories of those Pyrex bowls and Melmac mugs to life through shape and colour I am creating an emotional connection through shared memories many of us have of those same common kitchen items. Making for me is significant for so many reasons, but particularly because creating pots gives me the opportunity to tell this story, a story that relates directly to life and daily ritual. It's also a cheeky wink and warm smile every time you hold your mug!

My home studio is located on Salt Spring Island, BC. If you're lucky enough to visit our beautiful piece of the world, I would love to share my work with you in person.